A Great Victory !!!

In course of our DDEV meeting in Prag on March 5, 2010 we have had as a guest John Radek and Kristina Koci, the leader and a leading officer of Veci Verejne, a new political Movement in the Czech Republic.
Veci Verejne ( Public affairs ) is a party fostering Direct Democracy, and after some years of hard work has become popular in the Czech Republic where most of the citizens are disgusted from the corruption of the political parties which have run the post-comunist era governments.

Yesterday, Saturday May 29, the results in the nation-wide polls gave Veci Verejne an astonishing 10,9%.
It never happened that a new political movement could get such a wonderful result : we consider that the concept of Direct Democracy has offered to many Czech citizens the hope to overcome the present miserable situation.

We wish John Radek all the best, and will propose to the DDEV European Committe to offer him to lead the Direct Democrats in the Czech Republic !!!

Federico Tonini


Zdeněk said...

Party Veci Verejne discredit direct democracy. Disappoint no election promise. Misunderstand how one may write such article. Direct democracy be in Czech republic only at the very beginning. Citizenship push along her try promote in society, but their restrict possibility for the present title only small number of citizens. Radek John is levity statesman that the break step word. His past bound with communistic regime then not make sense no guarantee.

TomasKlapka said...

Veci Verejne party has people registered on their public forums and they decide by online voting about some topics asked by the party and the party follows these decisions. The problem is that such voter can be anyone and mostly they are supporters of the party, so it is not the opinion of majority. Other people just don't care about voting on a page of some party. They don't care such party's activities.

Also there is no guarantee that they don't manipulate with the results.

After the election they got position of a party which could sit in the middle and let people decide for almost everything which would be discussed in the parliament, because neither left (socialists) neither right (neo-liberals) got majority of seats without them.
But they agreed the coalition with neo-liberals. And right has the majority of seats now and they can do whatever they want.

This coalition created a law about referendum in order to look better for people wanting better democracy.
But the law is a kick in the face of democrats.
- the parliament doesn't have to follow the opinion of people represented by such a referendum and
- to even initiate such referendum you need 250.000 signatures for petition, which is impossible to acquire in 10 million country.

They speak about fight against corruption, but you are not able to get information where they got money.

Lot of them are owners or employees of security agency ABL and leader of Veci Verejne party Radek John (read as YOHN) became Minister of the Interior (which is just leader of all state, municipal and secret police) and now you can see ABL is getting lot of state commisions these days.

You should use indicator of true direct democracy party - party itself MUST BE governed by direct democracy and all income and outcome MUST BE open to everyone.

In Czech there is only one such party at the moment and it is Czech Pirate Party but they got only 0,82 % (about 42.000) of votes. Though it is very young party.