A Great Victory !!!

In course of our DDEV meeting in Prag on March 5, 2010 we have had as a guest John Radek and Kristina Koci, the leader and a leading officer of Veci Verejne, a new political Movement in the Czech Republic.
Veci Verejne ( Public affairs ) is a party fostering Direct Democracy, and after some years of hard work has become popular in the Czech Republic where most of the citizens are disgusted from the corruption of the political parties which have run the post-comunist era governments.

Yesterday, Saturday May 29, the results in the nation-wide polls gave Veci Verejne an astonishing 10,9%.
It never happened that a new political movement could get such a wonderful result : we consider that the concept of Direct Democracy has offered to many Czech citizens the hope to overcome the present miserable situation.

We wish John Radek all the best, and will propose to the DDEV European Committe to offer him to lead the Direct Democrats in the Czech Republic !!!

Federico Tonini