Press Release from Prag Conference

In the following the press-release issued at the Conference in Prag which marked the establishment of the European Coalition of Direct Democracy Movements.
The European Movement has been given he name of DDEV Direct Democracy Euro Vision.
Details on the Conference shall be given later on on this Blog.


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Prague, March 22, 2009


The discourses of the Conference held by direct Democracy Movements of Europe, that took place in the Czech Republic, which is appointed with the Presidency of the European Union, at the beginning of the vernal equinox, symbolizing the basic democratic principles of the equality of rights, the equality before the law and the equality of speech, were completed successfully today, establishing a Resolution for the foundation of a Political Action Network, at a European level, called:

“Direct Democracy Euro – Vision”,

which was given a relative logo for the purpose of its possible use in the upcoming European Parliament Elections of June 7, 2009.
Noteworthy is the decision to ask the European citizens, through a Pan – European Referendum, to decline the acceptance of new member – states within the European Union, until the integration of the existing ones is completed, excluding the future acceptance of Russia, which will take place after the direct establishment of a specific financial relationship between Russia and the European Union.
The people of Russia should also accept, through a Referendum, such a prospect and the “direct Democratic Euro – Vision” will undertake the initiative to broaden this idea and its perspectives in both sides soon.

Federico Tonini

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